New Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is arguably the best two-in-one laptop-tablet you can buy because it’s actually really good at both of the two.

Physical design

when you buy it, it actually does not come with a keyboard, you have to buy that separately. And the keyboard interestingly enough, as you might have seen comes with a slim pen too. So you can see the slim pen to fits in this nice little slot there.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is arguably the best two-in-one laptop-tablet
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is arguably the best two-in-one laptop-tablet

And it magnetically snaps up to the device. Now you’ll see as a theme throughout this entire design, magnets are a huge part of this magnets really make everything happen here from holding the pen in place to holding the keyboard up to holding the keyboard onto the device is a lot of magnets.

at the bottom, the keyboard magnetically snaps on with those two little wells right there. One of them has some pins because you are able to charge the slim pen from your device. the keyboard is also not connected by Bluetooth. So it really is using those pins right there.

120 hertz, a 13-inch display screen
120 hertz, a 13-inch display screen

you’ll see on the front, we have a really nice display here 120 hertz, a 13-inch display, which is larger than the Surface Pro 7. And on top of that, it gives you some pretty slim bezels all the way around. On the top, you have your camera and your face ID, and your microphones.

at the edges beyond that, on the left side, we have a headphone jack which is great because a lot of tablets don’t have that and a lot of laptops do which is important for high production work sometimes you need to plug in the headphone jack.

then we have a volume control right next to that which makes perfect sense. And on the top, we have really nothing a nice clean top nothing up there except you will see a little vent for the speaker and for the fan. On the right side you can see we have our power button we have two Thunderbolt four ports so two USB C ports that are extremely functional, you can plug in 4k monitors and all types of things like that.

And then below that, it looks like an SD card slot. It’s not an SD card slot, that’s Microsoft’s little proprietary plug they put it on a lot of their devices and it is a way to charge it and I know you might be thinking like why would you do that when you can charge with USBC I agree but they like to charge with this but you can also use it for some other ports as well. Microsoft has some little dogs and some little home accessories you can plug into here and then plug-in like other monitors or an ethernet cable or something like that.

And then if you look back to the front on the right and left side, all the way up on the top, you actually have an almost hidden speaker right there. And then flipping over to the back of this device. There are some interesting things here. we have a camera and a microphone on the top. And this is able to actually shoot 4k video

Battery on Microsoft Surface Pro 8

this is not the longest battery life out there, you’re getting approximately 7 or 8 hours of heavy use with this, maybe even less of you really pushing it. And so that’s something you definitely want to keep in mind as something that is such a mobile device, it would be nice to see longer battery life.

you're getting approximately 7 or 8 hours of heavy use with this

you’d have a 4k video camera on the back when you might think Alright, you can scan documents with it, you could maybe record a lecture. So if you have to take this in the field, if you have to take a video, when you’re walking around maybe some type of architectural site or engine environmental engineering, like whatever you might be doing. Having a 4k video camera on the back allows us to compete with a lot of other tablets.

Chip set on Microsoft Surface Pro 8

M1 chip on surface pro 8
M1 chip on surface pro 8

Now as a side note, there are other very capable devices for two in ones for example, the iPad Pro, now running the M1 chip on there might lead you to wonder which of these two is better. And I will actually make a full comparison between this and the iPad Pro and the Galaxy Tab S seven for that matter.

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