New Football App To Detect Concussion Symptoms

Everybody who follows the NFL knows that concussions are a major issue and have been an issue for a long time. A lot of football players, unfortunately, are subjected to massive head trauma which means that their chances of a full recovery from the injury are small.

BrainGainz app

Industry players and leaders are championing actions such as the creation of a safe helmet that will help mitigate already done damage after consecutive hits on the head. Unfortunately, very little has been done to help players that are suffering head injuries.

We have to pose a question, how much can be done to assist these athletes who haven’t a clue that they are suffering from a concussion to begin with? It’s difficult to believe that concussions lead to a lot of head damage, and they are difficult to detect.

Fortunately today, concussion detection will stop being a difficult task. Arizona University has created an app that simulates symptoms linked to concussions. The app has been designed to help athletes know what is going through their brain after several hits.

How Does The App Work?

Named BrainGainz, the application functions by placing a smartphone into Google Cardboard. Joining the two creates a virtual reality headset.

The football player using the application is virtually sent to Arizona Stadium and is subjected to several double game-style plays. The player is repeatedly asked if they would like to give their body and head time to recover or continue playing.

The longer the athlete stays playing without recovery time, the more damage gets inflicted. The BrainGainz app kicks in and begins to show the athlete what they should be feeling if they suffer a concussion.

A Key Tool for Minimizing Brain Damage

BrainGainz app is quickly being touted as the ultimate tool to lowering footballers brain damage. The app helps them realize the exact time they are risking their brain and body through real time mental and physical danger.

Brain Gain is the brainchild of two Arizona University athletes. Scooby Wright and Jason Sweet, the App founders, are linebackers. The capability of the application allows it to function on football players from all ages.

Pro footballers can also take advantage of the application and use it for their benefit knowing that it can save their life one day. High school coaches, on the other hand, can utilize BrainGainz as a necessary tool to gauge players on their teams.


Regardless of the individual who makes use of BrainGainz application, it delivers a successful platform for all willing to continue playing football. By using it, players can now lower long-term damage and concussions on their mental and physical bodies.

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