Asus Vivobook Go 15 E1504FA R5 7520U (NJ776W): Elegant Design, Powerful Performance, and Versatile Functionality

The Asus Vivobook Go 15 E1504FA R5 7520U (NJ776W) laptop combines a luxurious design with robust performance, ensuring efficient and professional handling of daily work and study tasks.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design

Asus Vivobook Go 15

The familiar yet modern design of the Vivobook series by Asus stands out with its minimalist and contemporary exterior. Despite its plastic construction, the laptop exhibits sturdiness, meeting military-grade MIL STD 810H standards. The meticulously crafted surfaces seamlessly join together, making it suitable for on-the-go use with the addition of a shock-resistant bag.

Sturdy Hinge and Portable Build

The high-strength hinge prevents excessive screen wobbling even under windy conditions or external forces, allowing the screen to fold up to 180 degrees for convenient information sharing during group work. Weighing at a reasonable 1.63 kg, the laptop’s plastic build strikes a balance between lightweight portability and durability, fitting comfortably into backpacks for easy transport.

Comfortable Keyboard and Touchpad

Asus Vivobook Go 15

With a standard 15.6-inch size, the keyboard includes a numeric keypad on the right for enhanced usability in data entry and Excel tasks. While lacking backlighting, the keys offer a deep travel and high responsiveness, providing accurate input even in low-light conditions. The spacious touchpad, complemented by fingerprint security, enhances the overall user experience, eliminating the need for additional peripherals.

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Diverse Connectivity Options

Tailored for the educational and professional segments, the laptop incorporates common connectivity ports such as HDMI, USB 2.0, 3.2, and Type-C, facilitating easy connections to projectors, external keyboards, mice, and monitors for versatile work setups.

Expansive and Clear Display

Asus Vivobook Go 15

Equipped with a 15.6-inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080), the Vivobook offers a comfortable workspace for various tasks, delivering eye-catching visuals and flexible window management. Although limited by a TN panel, the Anti-Glare feature reduces glare and reflections, providing a comfortable viewing experience even in high-light conditions.

Impressive Audio and SonicMaster Technology

Featuring SonicMaster audio technology, the laptop delivers clear and well-filtered sound, emphasizing high-frequency tones. The audio quality remains satisfying without the need to max out the volume during entertainment activities.

Stable Performance, Smooth Operation

Asus Vivobook Go 15

Powered by the AMD Ryzen 5 7520U processor, the laptop excels in handling daily tasks such as web browsing, multimedia consumption, office work, and basic data processing. The integrated AMD Radeon Graphics allows for image and video editing, albeit with limitations in more graphics-intensive applications.

Ample 16 GB RAM and Swift SSD Storage

The built-in 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM ensures high performance, easily accommodating multitasking across multiple Chrome tabs and various platforms without noticeable lag. The 512 GB SSD contributes to faster data read and write speeds, enhancing swift boot-ups and application launches.


In summary, the Asus Vivobook Go 15 E1504FA R5 7520U (NJ776W) laptop strikes a surprising balance between performance, display quality, and design. While it may not boast the latest cutting-edge technologies, its remarkable blend of features makes it suitable not only for newly enrolled university students but also for working professionals seeking a reliable computing companion.