Honor 50

Inside the box

So first up a quick peek inside of the box where you will find of course naturally one on a 50 a proper chunky and super hefty 66 Watt adapter, type C USB cable, and Scratchy type C, in-ear headphones as well. And last up you do get a case bundled in there to help protect you on a 50 from harm. That’s everything you get inside the box.


I’m really liking that smooth and sleek but sort of stripped-back design. Very straightforward. Indeed just a little bit of honor Brandon they’re quite subtle, tucked away in a corner. And then of course the very iconic jewelry design on the problem is that camera chassis does judge from the end of the art of the honor 50 quite a distance. That means if it’s lying on a desk or a table in your pocket and pulling that screen.

honor 50 has smooth and sleek but sort of stripped-back design
honor 50 back
honor 50 side

it’ll be wobbling about all over the place. Now back end is formed of glass and it’s quite a glossy finish, but with a kind of an almost frosted style appearance. that smooth glass that gives way to a bit of aluminum engine which runs the full circumference of the smartphone and then you’ve got a gorgeous curved display upfront. And there is actually a pre-installed screen protector on here as well.

So that’s good news for the durability between that and the rubber condom care should hopefully keep you on a 15 good neck but yes as feared unfortunately absolutely subtle headphone jack action hear us that is a damn shame. That’s the actual symmetry as well well it is a reversible dual SIM effort so you can fit two SIM cards in there at the same time, but no space for any micro SD memory cards.

UI 4.2

The honor 50 is all set up already for action run a good bit of Android 11. But with the magic UI 4.2 launcher slathered on top to change up the general look and feel. And as is very busy toggle screen kind of hints as well add a shag ton of bonus modes and toggles and such forth. Thankfully, the general layout can be set to its fairly similar to stock Android so you can have an Apps drawer checked in there.

You’ve got your Google to discover feed before usual headlines and doom scrolling shenanigans. And thankfully, the magic UI settings menu is a bit more logically laid out than it used to be. And you’ll notice there are lots of extra bonus bits here as well.

So for instance, if you go on to the home screen and wallpaper a go-fast access the likes of the always-on display, you’ve got a nice variety of different styles to choose from, most of which are customizable. I quite like these artistic ones which debut on the Huawei P 40. Believe it was back in the day. you get some of the basic customization options, including the ability to choose the style of the icons from a very small selection.

So overall magic UI is a perfectly fine launcher not quite as clunky and heavy as it used to feel. the really good news for owner 50 is that now that honor has split with Huawei. It no longer has any restrictions on the Google services. You’ve got all those lovely Google Apps pre-installed like YouTube, Gmail Chrome, and full access to that Play Store, and for download and all of those lovely apps you’ve got a choice of either 128 or 256 gigs of storage.


the honor has a 56.57inch OLED display

the honor has a 56.57inch OLED display. This is a super curved screen it feels like it almost stops around the entire edge of the device. You got a full HD plus 2340 by 1080 pixel resolution quite a cinematic aspect ratio so well suited for kicking back with some Netflix or whatever. I say that you can actually get Netflix or Disney plus on this more for just yet. Hopefully, that support will be coming soon. But for right now it’s just other services like Prime Video, YouTube, etc. The visuals are certainly detailed enough when you just add it in some Hicks are enjoying a bit of Movie Action. honor 50s display can scale dynamically between 60 and 120 hertz depending on what content you are consuming or she is buying it on 120 hertz full time

The honor 50 comes with a Snapdragon 778G chipset backed by 6 or 8 gigs of RAM. And because you’ve got that Snapdragon 778 G chipset packed in here, that means that the other 50 does of course have full 5g support as well


4300 milliamps battery

Now it’s not the biggest capacity battery in the world to earn the honor 4300 milliamps but the fact you’ve got that energy-efficient Snapdragon 770G chipset means that you will be able to get a full day of play out of this no problem as long as you’re not leaning too heavily on it and honest julu Charging takes means that with a compatible adapter, you’ll get up to 66 Watts.


The primary camera sensor is a 108-megapixel effort, you’ve got the usual pixel Benen shenanigans you won’t get 108-megapixel images by default just use those extra megapixels to give you bright balanced shots but if you want to you can jump into the more section of the camera UI got a high res and that’ll give you a full-on 108-megapixel snap and as there’s little Telephoto Zoom Lens here on the honor 50 that will at least give you the option of then cropping in without losing much in the way of detail.

You can buy honor pro here

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