Xiaomi 13 Ultra: A Top Choice for Camera Enthusiasts

For those passionate about camera phones, Xiaomi 13 Ultra stands out as an excellent choice in the current market. In the realm of smartphones, it emerges as a powerful Android device featuring robust hardware, cutting-edge software, and a stunning display. The device offers a solid, luxurious feel when held, particularly in its attractive white color variant. However, one aspect that might not resonate with everyone is the somewhat thick screen bezel and excessive curvature at the corners.

Let’s delve into my experiences with the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, focusing on the design, display, and camera aspects.

Design and Build Quality:


The back panel is undeniably the most visually appealing and high-quality aspect of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. During the product introduction, the emphasis was mainly on showcasing the back panel. Although I tend to focus more on the front face in my daily usage, I still find myself admiring the rear side as it adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. The variety of colors available for the back panel provides users with multiple attractive options for personalization.

Front Face

The front design does not deviate significantly from the previous Xiaomi Ultra models or many other Chinese Android brands. While functional, it lacks the distinctive appeal of flagship iPhones or Samsung Galaxy Ultra models. The overall design may seem ordinary, and the excessive curvature might hinder the device from achieving a truly premium look.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, Xiaomi 13 Ultra falls within the average range for premium smartphones. Brands like Samsung, Apple, and OPPO have established a standard for impeccable build quality across their mid-range and high-end devices. Xiaomi 13 Ultra maintains a solid and robust feel when held, although it may not match the metal feel of some other flagship devices.


Beautiful Colors

The display is a critical element of any smartphone, and Xiaomi has consistently excelled in delivering vibrant and superior screens, especially in the Ultra series. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra, with its switch from Samsung to TCL for the display panel, maintains a high-quality display, although there’s a slight dip in quality compared to its predecessor. Nevertheless, the screen remains impressive, boasting high resolution, a fast 120Hz refresh rate, and a remarkable brightness of 2600 nits.

Thick Screen Bezels and Excessive Curvature

One noticeable drawback is the thick bezel around the screen and excessive curvature at the corners. This design choice, while not affecting the overall usage, detracts from the sleek and modern look seen in other flagship devices. The excessive curvature can sometimes result in an awkward viewing experience, particularly when the content appears straight, but the edges are uncomfortably curved.


Xiaomi 13 Ultra: The Best Camera Setup Today Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s camera system is undoubtedly one of the best currently available. The collaboration with Leica has elevated the hardware, incorporating premium color filters and adjustments to produce visually stunning and appealing images.

Primary Camera (23mm)

The primary camera, equipped with a 1-inch sensor, captures well-balanced, pleasing, and vivid colors without sacrificing detail. The larger sensor size facilitates enhanced post-processing capabilities, making it the best main camera in the smartphone world.

Telephoto Camera (75mm):

The 75mm telephoto camera, featuring a high-quality 50MP Sony sensor, stands out as one of the best in the smartphone industry. Xiaomi’s decision to equip all focal lengths with top-tier sensors highlights a commitment to delivering quality across all camera functionalities.

Leica’s Impact

Leica’s collaboration introduces three key values to the captured images:

  • Beautiful Colors: The Leica lens ensures distinct, vibrant colors that are visually appealing and avoid over-saturation.
  • Stunning Light Effects: Proper lighting enhances contrast and HDR, providing a beautiful look to the images. Xiaomi 13 Ultra captures images that are naturally lit and have excellent contrast.
  • Gentle, Simple Colors: Leica’s color filters contribute to a more neutral, gentle color profile. Unlike many Android devices with heavy saturation, Xiaomi’s use of Leica filters results in a more subtle, attractive color representation.

Performance, Battery, and Other Aspects


At this stage, comparing the performance of flagship smartphones becomes less crucial. With increasingly lightweight operating systems, the performance of modern chipsets has seen a steady rise. Xiaomi 13 Ultra, equipped with top-tier hardware, delivers exceptional performance, ensuring smooth day-to-day usage.


While I haven’t conducted exhaustive tests, the battery life appears robust in daily use. The device, used alongside the iPhone 14 Pro, showcases minimal battery drain during regular activities. Charging habits, such as overnight charging, ensure that both devices remain consistently powered throughout the day.


Xiaomi’s accessories for the 13 Ultra appear promising, though I haven’t had the opportunity to test them extensively. The compatibility with various filters offers additional creative options for photography enthusiasts.


The Xiaomi 13 Ultra shines as a top-tier smartphone, particularly for those who prioritize camera performance. The collaboration with Leica elevates the imaging capabilities, making it a compelling choice in the competitive smartphone landscape. While certain design elements might not appeal universally, the device’s overall performance, display quality, and camera capabilities make it a strong contender in the flagship smartphone market.