OPPO Reno11 full review

OPPO Reno11 5G continues to captivate users, drawing inspiration from its previous successes. The phone stands out with its appealing design, powerful configuration, and impressive camera capabilities. Crafted to meet a range of needs from entertainment and photography to demanding high-performance tasks.

Striking Design Inspired by Precious Gems

The Reno11 immediately captivates users with its back design inspired by exquisite gemstones. The phone introduces two unique color variants: an elegant green and a sleek gray.

The green variant is not just a simple color; it is a vibrant digital artwork with characteristic shimmering effects, providing an exceptional visual experience. Meanwhile, the gray color brings forth a sophisticated and minimalist beauty, reflecting a touch of luxury.

Another highlight of the Reno11 is its elliptical-shaped camera cluster, adding a distinctive touch to the overall design. The meticulously crafted border around the camera contributes to harmony and elegance, enhancing the phone’s appeal.

Constructed with a glossy plastic frame and a back panel made of organic glass, the Reno11 not only boasts aesthetics but also durability. This material combination achieves a perfect balance between beauty and quality, providing a luxurious feel and durability when held.

With its perfectly proportioned size and balanced weight, the Reno11 offers an unparalleled gripping experience. The phone’s 74.1mm width is designed to fit comfortably, creating a secure and comfortable feel in the palm of your hand. The device’s slim and lightweight profile not only enhances mobility but also contributes to an elegant aesthetic.

The dual speakers integrated with advanced audio technology deliver a top-notch entertainment experience. Vivid, clear, and powerful sound enhances activities such as watching movies, listening to music, or even making calls. Users will be fully immersed in the high-quality audio world that the Reno11 provides.

Moreover, the Reno11 is not just a symbol of design and color sophistication; it’s also a reliable phone in all weather conditions. The IPX4 water resistance capability protects the device from unexpected situations, increasing durability and providing peace of mind for users.

AMOLED Display with 120Hz Refresh Rate

In today’s world, a phone is not just a communication tool but also a mobile entertainment center. The Reno11, with its superior AMOLED display, not only stands out but also elevates the visual experience to new heights.

AMOLED Display with 120Hz Refresh Rate on Oppo Reno11

The AMOLED display technology not only delivers vivid colors and high contrast but also saves energy. Each pixel on the screen can independently adjust brightness and darkness, enabling the Reno11 to display true black without emitting light for dark colors, saving battery power. This feature enhances usage time and reduces eye strain for users.

With a large 6.7-inch display, the Reno11 provides an expansive space, offering an excellent experience for web browsing, video watching, or even engaging in the gaming world. This contributes to comfort in viewing content and performing tasks such as photo editing, video editing, or managing Google Sheet.

The Reno11’s display is not just a surface for showing information but a vibrant canvas where every detail becomes clear down to each pixel. This is achieved through Full HD+ resolution (1080 x 2412 Pixels).

The screen brightness on the Reno11 can reach up to 800 nits, ensuring clear visibility under bright sunlight. The 120Hz screen refresh rate is the secret behind the smooth and flexible display of every movement. In the gaming world, a high refresh rate not only enhances the experience but also provides instant reactions, giving users an advantage closer to victory.

Photography Unleashed with the 50 MP Sony Camera

The most unique and outstanding feature of the Reno11 is its 50 MP main camera, utilizing the new LYT600 sensor from Sony. With an aperture of f/1.8 and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), this OPPO phone ensures maximum sharpness and clarity in every photo, even in low light conditions.

The Reno11 doesn’t only focus on the main camera but also delves into multitasking with two secondary cameras. The 8 MP ultra-wide-angle camera expands the field of view, capturing vivid panoramas. The 32 MP portrait camera not only produces excellent portrait shots but also supports 2X optical zoom, bringing users closer to the subject while maintaining image quality.

The Reno11 excels not only in photography but also as a reliable ally in video recording. The 4K video recording capability for both front and rear cameras creates a high-quality and smooth video experience. Every crucial moment is captured vividly and authentically, creating a dynamic and impressive video landscape.

Powerful Performance with the Latest Chipset Integration

The Reno11 is an Android pioneer equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, providing superior performance and a remarkably smooth experience. Enjoy fast processing power, whether facing the challenges of high-end games or complex graphic applications; the Reno11 is ready to meet all your demands.

With a RAM capacity of up to 8 GB, the Reno11 is not just an ordinary phone but a powerful operating machine. It handles tasks seamlessly, from gaming to photo and video editing, without any hindrance.

The substantial internal storage of up to 256 GB allows the Reno11 to tackle storage issues effortlessly. Users can comfortably store important moments, high-quality videos, and favorite applications without worrying about space.

The Reno11 is not just a smart phone but also a companion with the advanced Android 14 operating system. Experience significant features and improvements, bringing convenience and a maximally smooth experience in all usage scenarios.

Long-lasting Battery with Rapid 67W Charging

For those who wish to enjoy uninterrupted mobile experiences, the Reno11 presents an excellent solution with its large 5000 mAh battery. The enduring companion capability of this phone ensures users don’t have to worry about recharging during daily use.

Whether in important calls, relaxing with favorite games, or recording videos, users can rely on the robust battery to keep every moment intact and uninterrupted.

With the ability to fast charge at 67W, this Reno series phone not only provides energy efficiently but also saves time. The phone quickly returns to a ready state in a short time. Thanks to advanced charging technology, every charging session is an opportunity for you to be ready quickly for new challenges.


The OPPO Reno11 is not just a premium mobile phone; it is also considered a symbol of sophistication and class. With its luxurious design, outstanding display, unique camera capabilities, and superior performance, this phone is truly an irresistible choice.