Samsung Galaxy A 72


Samsung Galaxy A 72 has a plastic back. We have four cameras but it’s like four cameras with little air quotes around that because as always one of them is a macro camera. It’s a little bit refreshing to see such a slim camera bump on here.

The Galaxy A 72 has 4 color
The Galaxy A 72 has a plastic back
The Galaxy A 72

That seems like they’re still able to fit everything in there. Other than that on the right side we have our volume rocker and our power button. That’s the same as we’re seeing on the S21. And pretty much every other Samsung phone out there.

The left side has absolutely nothing there’s a nice clean rail all the way down the top we have our sim tray this has a dual sim and it has a micro SD expandable storage you can expand this I believe up to one terabyte but it comes with 256 gigabytes in the phone already.

We have a microphone next to that on the top obviously on the front we have our little earpiece speaker, which when you turn the screen on you can see yes there is a visible bezel all the way around his phone but it’s really not an eyesore and you can barely see the earpiece the speaker on the top.

At the bottom of this phone, we have a headphone jack. we have the other microphone there a speaker on the bottom and a USB type C port in the box. This phone comes with a superfast 25-watt charger.

Screen on Samsung Galaxy A 72

Samsung Galaxy A 72 has a 6.7-inch display. it is a relatively bright display. It’s 808 For reference, I’m able to see this out in bright daylight with no issue the color on here looks great Samsung if there’s one thing they’re good at is making bright colorful displays.

 6.7-inch display

So that was no concern we do have a bezel all the way around. we do have a whole bunch of cameras on the top it’s a really small hole punch and if you look closely, you can actually see a small metal ring when your screen is off it does kind of flash you occasionally. the display is full HD plus 60-hertz so pretty standard for a phone around this price range.

And then the other thing I want to talk about on the display is actually the in-screen fingerprint sensor on the bottom. This also comes with a screen protector pre-installed which is great you don’t buy one and try to place it yourself with bubbles.


water resistance rating of IP 67
water resistance rating of IP 67

this year the Galaxy A72 now has a water resistance rating of IP 67. it means you should be able to submerge this and it should be fine for I think one meter underwater for 30 minutes. Basically what it means is if you drop this in a puddle should be fine if it gets rained on should be fine. Like you shouldn’t have to worry nearly as much about water damaging this phone.

Camera on Samsung Galaxy A 72

64-megapixel main shooter
64-megapixel main shooter

we have a 5-megapixel macro camera on here. We have a c, a 64-megapixel main shooter, so your wide angle lens and this actually has optical image stabilization which should be great for night photos for videos for just holding your cameras still and taking a daily photo. It’s nice to have that and then we also have an 8-megapixel telephoto lens, which again also has optical image stabilization which is even more important when you’re zooming in on something if you don’t have Oh is it is really hard to take a video or a photo that’s not either blurry or shaky.

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